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How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?
You must be a least 18 years of age or older to get tattooed. Please do not be offended if we ask for photographic ID. The laws on tattooing are quite strict and tattooing a person who is under 18 is treated as assault on a minor. Having your parents consent does not change the fact that you must be 18 to get legally tattooed in the U.K
How old do I have to be to get a tongue or intimate piercing?
Please do not be offended if we will ask for photographic ID. The law states as of 1 February 2018 we can no longer offer tongue piercings to under 18 year olds.
Having your parents’ consent does not change the fact that you must be 18+ to get any intimate piercing in Wales (this includes nipples and all genital).
Read more about the laws on intimate piercings by clicking here.
Can you help me choose a design?
Every tattoo is designed on an individual basis, meaning that no two customers will have exactly the same design unless specifically requested to be matching. To achieve this it is important that you visit the studio for a free consultation. We have access to thousands of images online and we will sit with you for as long as you need, showing you various options for design, placement, size and colours. Your chosen tattoo design will represent our studio, so it is important to us that you have a piece of art that you love and are proud of and design that will still look great in years to come.
will I need to pay a deposit?
Every tattoo will require a deposit, this is non refundable and is to hold your booked date/time and to cover the preparation of your design/stencil aswell as to protect the studio. This is our policy.

Do tattoos hurt?
Yes and No. Some people compare the feeling of being tattooed to a scratch. Some find it more painful than others and some actually enjoy the process. In general our first tattoos are usually the easiest. Most people tend to fear the worst and are relieved when they realise it is no where near as bad as they they expected. The bodies own defence systems produce endorphins that help us deal with the pain and some clients find the process pleasurable. Others hate it, but come back again and again, simply because they love the finished work of art.
Do you do cover ups?
With some creativity, it is possible to put a new tattoo over an older one, as is often the case when a relationship ends, and the client wants their partners name removed. The new tattoo will often have to be larger, and darker, but it is still possible to create a wonderful piece of artwork, over an existing tattoo that no longer serves it purpose, or was not applied properly to begin with.
If my body size or shape changes will it affect my tattoo?
In general, no. However, placement of a tattoo should always take into account possible changes to the body. Most of us will find that our waist line will expand as we grow older, but unless this change is dramatic, there is no reason your tattoo should look any different. Pregnant women find that their body can, with some work, return to its original shape and so their tattoos should stand the test of time.
Can I have a few drinks to help me deal with the pain?
We do not tolerate drunks or drugs in our studio. While the process of tattooing does not necessarily make you bleed (no more than a surface scratch) alcohol and many painkillers thin the blood, meaning that you bleed easier, which can result in a loss of ink. The more ink you lose, the more must be pushed back into the tattoo, and so you find that the tattoo takes longer, and may not heal as well as it should.
Will an anaesthetic be used?
We do have anaesthetic options available for tattoo procedures, but the vast majority of people will not need it.
We have numbing gel available for painful/more sensitive areas for a small additional fee and this would need to be applied up to an hour before your actual tattoo appointment.
In the case of piercing, we do not like to use numbing products as this can toughen the skin and cause delays in the healing process. Our piercer is very experienced and efficient in the process to ensure minimal pain/discomfort and the procedure is often over far quicker than the numbing process would take anyway.
How safe is getting a tattoo or piercing?
When you choose a professional studio like Katdemon Ink, your health and safety is our utmost priority. The moment you step into the studio you will see how serious we are about cleanliness. We use only single use pre sterilised needles which are disposed of after every client, as well as sterilised pigments in single use pots. Our hygiene procedures exceed the requirements of the relevant health authorities and all staff have received thorough training on procedures to maintain a sterile environment, so you’re in good hands. At Katdemon Ink, we also use the most advanced vacuum autoclave sterilisation for equipment used. You can watch your equipment being removed from individual sterile packaging immediately before use. If you have any questions regarding our hygiene procedures or your safety, please don’t hesitate to visit the studio for a guided tour of our sterilisation routines.
Do you use a gun for piercings?
No we only use single use needles as these are much safer.


  • You must bring ID with you if you are lucky enough look under 25.
  • Before getting a tattoo or piercing with us you are required to fill in some paperwork.
  • We reserve the right refuse to tattoo or pierce anyone we feel is unfit to consent.
  • You may be asked for a deposit for your tattoo.

You will also have to fill in a health conditions check list, this is so we can advise you if you have any conditions that may affect your tattoo or piercing.

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