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Custom Tattoos

At Katdemon Ink we believe all tattoos are important so we cover a wide range of modern styles and we offer custom tattoo work to suit all individuals from small tattoos and names to larger custom tattooing styles such as sleeves, backpieces and Japanese bodysuits.

We also offer cover ups.

We can also offer semi permanent make up.

Old School Tattoos

Old school tattoos also known as traditional tattoos – these are the tattoo images that are immediately recognisable as such and that we would expect to see adorning the arm of an aging salior or biker for example and some coal miners.

In the early years of tattoo art, tattoos were frowned upon by society. Luckily this has changed, tattooing has become much more widespread among all walks of life.
Old school tattoos have never quite disappeared from view, but a few decades ago they did sort of fade into the background.

Nu Skool Tattoos

Pronounced new school,use a wide variety of colours which are blended, diluted with water (to achieve different hues) and degraded. There are also different types of needles used, some for delicate features, others for bold lines, shadows and many other details that achieve totally different purposes.

The new school tattoos are electric, bright and sometimes even play with our perception. Gradients and colour changes, the passage of light to dark colours, such as various shades from yellow to orange and so on to the red. These are very important characteristics of this style.

Tribal Tattoos and Solid Black work.

Tribal designs are mostly created with black ink. This style of tattooing has stood out for years and is widely called blackwork or neo-tribal and is gaining more and more popularity Welcome to the world of monochrome. Some people may find it extreme, or lacking of aesthetics, but the choice of blackwork lovers deserve a lot of respect for boldness and also strength. Blackwork is pushing dotwork and linework to the extreme, with massive black tint areas, complex geometrical and symmetrical patterns influenced by Polynesian tattoos and graphic art. It focuses on the design, mostly ornamental, rather than the meaning or realism. From minimal to extremely intricate, blackwork tattoos are standing out. Yet, you can always add white ink to soften the black tint. Blackwork is also a possibility for cover-ups. But forget about laser removal, so think before you ink! Many artists are well known for their blackwork specialisation.

Body piercing

Cardiff Piercing is a company working within Katdemon Ink that offers a wide range of piercings from single ear lobe piercing and many others including Cartilage piercing, stretching and dermal anchors and also skin divers. We also offer male and female genital piercings in a private room. Our shop has a clean room and we use medical grade sterilisation equipment that is regularly serviced and inspected by professional healthcare inspectors and is approved by Cardiff Council for body piercing and tattoos procedures. All needles and jewellery that are used for your piercing are single use, pre-packed and disposable. The jewellery used is verified titanium and in compliance with the EU Nickel directive and is sterilised.

Corset piercings and other piercing types can be discussed by messaging Cardiff Piercing directly or booking with Cardiff Piercing via their website www.cardiffpiercing.co.uk/

Body Modification

In the simplest terms, body modification means to deliberately alter one’s physical appearance, though people usually assume the phrase applies only to such practices as tattooing and piercing or the more esoteric branding and scarification. However, all one has to do is look at societies present definition of aesthetic to discover that almost all of us engage in some form of bodymodding or another. For instance, it would be pretty hard to find a woman these days who doesn’t have her ears pierced and then there is surgical body modification that has become extremely common in the form of cosmetic surgery, but that is rarely considered shocking or odd unless the procedure goes wrong or the resulting aesthetic is outside of the socially accepted standard of beauty.

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